Clients & Testimonials


Clients Arbinger has worked with

“I realize that I have the power and choice to make meaningful and lasting changes to the people and environment that I am in. It begins with me to make the change.”
-Deputy Director

“Good for organization with lots of politics to expose those who have silo mentality to realize the importance of getting out of the box.“
-Vice President

“Sometimes comes a course that changes and opens opportunity to new things.“
-Assistant General Manager

“Very good event. Learned a lot. Well done team!”

“I’ve read the book but its better when it is explained with more personal case examples.”
-Managing Director

“It is a fantastic session. It is a breakthrough session where really guide the audience to look into oneself.”
-Senior Manager

“Useful to be apply and practice in home life and work life.”
-Group Leader

“Good training program and contents for all level of people / staff. Different way looking at leadership.“
-Head of Operation

“Wonderful enriching ‘opening upon’ of my knowledge of what needs to be done.”
-Head, Corporate Services

“Recognizing that I feel justified and blaming others can affect my work experience and environment. Helps me want to be a better person.”
-Sales Manager

“Very thought provocative. Get to better understand the choices that determines way of being and senses.”
-Vice President, Human Resource & Admin

“Arbinger give me the opportunity to look at a person “problem” in a new light – seeing a person as a person and not a problem.”
-Senior Director

“A knowledgeable training I’ve ever attended.”
-Vice President

“Interesting and useful concepts that can be empower individuals.”
-IT Manager

“It helps me see the problem and solution to the problem.”
-General Manager, Sales & Admin

“The need to reflect on the “good” moments in life in order to get out of the box.”
-Chief Executive Officer

“Revealing insight on human behaviors. Must attend for all staffs if a company is serious in creating an effective workforce.”
-Executive Director

“Good eye opener. Good course for being “Leader” in organization. Refresh our mind – our common sense.”
-Group General Manager

“Being a Senior myself thought I know a fair bit of human relationship. But after attending your course I knew very little.”

“Helps me to stop and reflect on my actions.”
-Country Director

“It has helped open my mind and views about the value of authenticity and the box concept which if managed negatively will cause problems at work and relationships.”
-Assistant Director, Integration

“This is a great course for anyone who has not been really successful in instituting values in the company.”
-Deputy Director/Senior Consultant

“The session lifted awareness of the choices available to one in workplace and family life. Would not hesitate to recommend this course to friends and business partners.”
-Senior Consultant

“Clear and concise tools that applicable in any environment to be an effective leader.”

“Today I have equip myself with new skill. Hopefully it will help me in my day to day work.”
-General Manager

“After the course made me realize the things in life and how to handle situations and staff.”
-Engineering Manager

“A very good speaker with many stories to illustrate his points.”
-Head, Project Management

“It is indeed an enriching workshop. Useful knowledge regardless at work, home or life.”
-Human Resource Manager

“This workshop has widened my thoughts and more self awareness of situations happening around me thus, enabling myself to make more sound and accurate judgements.”
-General Manager

“The individual case story and sharing of experience from the facilitator are really valuable and wonderful to me.”
-Executive Director