n the 1970s, a team of scholars led by philosopher C. Terry Warner embarked on an exploration into a core problem at the heart of the human sciences—the “problem of self-deception.” The research explored how we end up creating and sustaining problems we don’t know we are causing, and how and why people resist helpful solutions.

A discovery

Initially, all attempts to understand the phenomenon of self-deception failed, just as all attempts had for over 100 years. After years of work, however, the research team discovered a solution no one expected. They discovered the clear and surprising way that people begin to evade responsibility without thinking that they are doing so, and therefore end up blaming others or circumstances they, themselves, are helping to create. More importantly, they discovered how this could be corrected.

Early trainings

Following this scholarly discovery, Arbinger’s founding members began teaching the principles in academic circles and within the university environment. This soon led to demand from individuals and families and then to requests for organizational applications. As more and more people and organizations experienced the profound changes that were enabled by Arbinger’s work, Arbinger evolved into a full-service consultancy that helps individuals and organizations to solve the problems they have never been able to solve.

Arbinger today

Arbinger was formed as a full service consultancy in the mid 1990s. Since then, Arbinger has worked with thousands of individuals and organizations and helped them to transform their effectiveness and performance.

Early on, Arbinger’s growth was fueled solely by clients who spread the word about Arbinger’s impact. Arbinger’s public profile was then dramatically increased by the global success of its first book, Leadership & Self Deception, which was published in 2000. The book quickly became a word-of-mouth bestseller. It is now available in more than 20 languages and has sold over a million copies.

Arbinger’s second international bestseller, The Anatomy of Peace, was published in 2006. Available in 20 languages and having sold nearly 500,000 copies to date, The Anatomy of Peace demonstrates the power of Arbinger’s work in resolving conflict.

Arbinger is now recognized as a world-leader in improving organizational effectiveness and conflict resolution. Arbinger’s clients range from individuals who are seeking help in their lives to many of the largest companies and governmental institutions in the world.