ARBINGER “Core in Relationships & Family” Workshop

Acquire and apply solutions you never expected.
Develop a heart at peace.
Make real, noticeable improvements in relationships.


There is no more vital organization than the family. It is within families that we learn how to be human beings. We acquire language largely within our families. We learn to interact with others first and foremost within families. We acquire personal standards of behavior in connection with our families. Everything that society is and can be is built upon the foundation of families.

On a personal level, families are more important still. For happiness is largely a function of the health of our relationships with those in our homes—with one’s spouse, for example, and with children, parents, and siblings.

However for many individuals and families happiness seems a farfetched dream. Many individuals and families are struggling to improve their relationships with each other. Many are in constant conflict with the most important relationships in their lives.

While many of us who are in conflict with people that matter and want solutions, notice that the preferred solution in each case is that others change. Should we be surprised, then, when conflicts linger and problems remain?

What if in our conflicts with others there is something we want more than solutions?

What if conflicts at home, conflicts at work and conflicts in the world stem from the same root case? And

what if, individually and collectively, we systematically misunderstand that cause and unwittingly perpetuate the very problems we think we are trying to solve?

These are among the important questions explored in this session as we consider ways to enhancing the quality of relationships and efforts with the most central people in our lives.

The more important an organization the more important it is to have a plan of action. As the most important organization of all, the family deserves a plan of its own.


Getting Out of the BOX

  • The Source of Conflict in Families and with people that matter
  • Recovering Deep Responsibility

Being Out of the BOX

  • What Being Out of the Box with people that matter looks like
  • A framework to strengthen bonds and nurture relationships

Helping Out of the BOX

  • Helping Things Go Right when someone close needs to change
  • Principles for Failing Less Often with people that matter

Who Should Attends?

Couples, Parent(s) with Children who are 13 years and above, Siblings.


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What Others’ Say…

Arbinger’s Parenting Program has completely changed the way I am seeing the world. I’ve gone from helpless to hopeful and can now see clearly what I can do to help things go right. I have a greater sense of peace. I now understand the Arbinger concepts much better and can directly see from doing the application work assigned how it really works and can change lives. It has changed mine!”

Amy, Mother of 6 children

The first time I was exposed to Arbinger principles, I was so excited because it made so much sense to me. But, when I tried to implement the principles at home, it was so hard. I so easily fell back into bad habits… I just knew I needed to hear it and read it over and over again so that I could practice until this new way of seeing the world became a part of me – part of how I lived and felt. I know now that it doesn’t mean my heart is always at peace, but it means I understand what’s happening and there’s a way to look differently at my family.”


“The seminar has taught how to know when I’m in the box, and how to get out of it. It is a game-changer on how I interact with my colleagues”

Mr Cheong