Our Humble Beginnings


In 1979, ARBINGER began to translate this important work on self-deception – and its solution – into practical effect for individuals, families and organizations worldwide. Our approach has come as the result of decades of exploration, by an international team of scholars led by Dr. C. Terry Warner, into the problem of self-deception.


Arbinger’s focus on organizations began when a well-known management consultant asked for Arbinger’s help with one of his clients. As a result of Arbinger’s work, that company, which had been languishing in its performance, became the industry’s profit leader, eventually doubling and tripling the ROI of its nearest competitors. After that experience, Arbinger’s reputation spread. They began to focus on the organizational implications and applications of the self-deception problem and solution.


One of Arbinger’s greatest achievements is their first book, Leadership and Self-Deception, published in 2000. It quickly became an international best seller. Launched, without fanfare, when ARBINGER and its work were little known, the book generated extraordinary word-of-mouth momentum. Sales are growing even today. The book is now available in more than twenty-one languages. Since Leadership and Self-Deception was published, many readers have clamored for a book that explores our work more deeply – and applies the concepts to issues outside the workplace as well as within.