People Problems


People problems manifest in a 1000 different ways. They include: poor communications, poor relationships, poor teamwork, conflict, silo thinking, low morale, not taking responsibility, poor leadership, not holding oneself accountable, resistance to change and more.


Most Consulting practices generally focus on behavior modification as a way out of People Problems: “What you’re doing is causing a problem … so the solution is simple. Stop doing it.”


What is missing here?


Understanding and addressing the cause of the problematic behavior.


Problematic behavior didn’t come from nowhere. Something drove it.


That’s where Arbinger begins. With a theory of behavior that identifies the why of problematic behavior. After studying case after case, problem after problem, the Arbinger team came to a fascinating conclusion: the cause of virtually every problem, organizational and personal … is the same.


It begins with the opposite of a moment of truth; it’s a moment of untruth, of what we call self-betrayal. It’s a moment when you make a choice … that begins a remarkable, destructive and predictable process.
People Problems are NOT problems! They are merely symptomatic of the problem of Self Betrayal!