Core Workshop

I have been through a lot of training of all sorts throughout my career and can say, without a doubt, that this is the most outstanding, most effective training that I have ever experienced…I can already see how implementing Arbinger will improve our bottom line by millions and millions of dollars

Company President with almost 40 years of experience

Discovering the route of problems and the foundation to effectiveness

Arbinger’s work with organizations begins with a full-day workshop that awakens a deep, emotional understanding of how we create the very problems we complain about and blame on others.

This leads to a powerful revelation that we are responsible not only for these problems and the negative emotions that they spawn, but also for the solutions to these problems. In other words, participants realize that the problem of self-deception is getting in the way of their ability to be truly effective.

As a result, the workshop helps participants develop a mentality of responsibility rather than one of blame in their work. So called “problem” members of the team are often the most profoundly affected, as the Arbinger ideas cause them to see themselves and understand their impact on others in a totally different light.

The Key Challenge

Because self-deception is the problem of not knowing, and resisting the possibility, that one has a problem, making people aware that self-deception affects them can create tremendous resistance and is therefore not a trivial task.

The core Arbinger workshop has been designed to break through this veil of self-denial and resistance, and is facilitated by a facilitator who has been carefully selected and trained to do so in a non-threatening manner.

The sum of the ideas presented leads participants to the inevitable conclusion that they do suffer from self-deception and that this problem is seriously undermining their personal and professional satisfaction.

The Result

The result is that participants not only recognize the problem, but develop a deep desire to overcome it. Building on that desire, participants then learn how to overcome self-deception.

Delivery Options

Workshops can be facilitated by Arbinger or by an organizations own employees (see Train the Trainer for details).

Arbinger also offers public, open-enrollment version of its workshops. See Public Seminars for dates.